Thursday, July 11, 2013


Heart is a mystery
twisted piece of work
Heart doesn't know about you
only itself and again
Heart is matter of time
of memory
of mud
Heart requires you to serve
you do, and think you don't.

(Munich 11.07.13)

Do and Undo

Maybe the eyes of the lover
the one who never is
When the words that we said are unsaid
the lives that we lived are never back
the ones that could be will never be
You can do and undo
You can run and stop
what entered me will never leave
will never end.

(Munich 11.07.13)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sabor a nada

Nadie sabe el sabor del desamor. Sabor a nada.

(Munich 03.07.2013)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nadar solo

Habia una vez
una declaracion de amor
que llego del espacio.
Como una estrella
brillo por un tiempo
se instalo en todas las formas
posibles de esperanza
y consumio todo el tiempo,
o no,
de mis manos
ocupadas ya en nadar a la orilla
sin descanso.
Estrella fugaz
palabras en el viento
solo el recuerdo impreciso
queda y enrarece
y ya no estoy seguro
si hubo una vez o no
si el amor
si el deseo
si mis manos buscaran otra vez
el oceano
si seguire creyendo.

(Munich 18.04.13)

Friday, April 5, 2013


after night
I wait for you
to unlock
the mystery
of your untouched beauty
the beauty
of your untouched inocence
the inocence
of your untouched you.

you were made
to unlock
the mystery
of my forever waiting.

(Munich 05.04.13)


There will be waves of passion
waves of unrest
There will be healing
and hurting
and forget.

There was this hole
in the ceiling
this nobody not yet
there was the lonely
and the moonly
the make
and the fake

eyes, skin, bones
and flesh
all the sins of the living
converging in a

(Munich 04.04.13)

Monday, March 4, 2013


July 4th fireworks exhale over the Hudson sadly.
It is beautiful that they have to disappear.
It’s like the time you said I love you madly.
That was an hour ago. It’s been a fervent year....

(Frederick Seidel)